Rest Here |  Rămâi aici

Solo Show, Artalpha Art Residency, Academy of Fine Arts, Iasi, Romania

Oil on Canvas
part III

Silver Gelatin Print

part II

Graphite on Paper
part I


I cannot think of anything more exciting than art made out of the ordinary. Paying attention to the overlooked obvious. The beauty of everyday. The appearance of things. The surface of things. Seeing things as we are. All those places we feel that are boundless. Patterns in time. Our routines which define the rhythm of our lives. Each painting contains the memory of the past. A split between the physical thing and the idea of a thing. Unusual harmonies. A series of small things brought together, not by impulse but careful consideration.


Existentialism brings me back to the here and now. I have always been interested in this idea of where you are at the exact time and place, which is not like any other time and place. The immediate present and its meaning. How I can paint the same things differently, depending on my relationship to my own necessities. Focusing on the process per se. The viewer is the subject. One cannot be indifferent to the beauty of the obvious. Sometimes while painting it is as though you wish to be nowhere. One is glad to be in a place that lacks sharp edges.


Trees epitomize stasis. A standing still. Dwelling on the beauty. Not accidental but intentional. Not only feeling it, but expressing it. How to express the true inner relationships between figures and objects. The art of between. The art of being neither art not nature, but both. Fragments that cut into our thoughts. The exactitude of the mark.


After some time the vision changes. Something that metamorphoses into other forms. With each experience, new forms appear. They go on in circles. The eyes become attuned to seeing minute variations. How fast the time passes when you rest your eyes on someone or something. Between simplicity and complexity. How I can paint the same thing differently. The balance between delight and labour. One thing can lead to another endlessly, depending on when you stop. Always unfinished. Resting – in time and space.

List of Considerations, Rest Here, 2020

La pensée