In Memory Of My Feelings

Archaeoacoustics or examining sound in the past

Castello di Squillace

First part of a sound/art project realized during my art residency in an ancient Italian town, in the region of Calabria. 
In my works (sound and drawings), I investigate themes like the translation of archeology and subjective experiences into general history.
I examine how the idea of archaeoacoustics is understood and narrated.

Drawings made in response to:

a piece created by blending my vocals (12 voices) in the interpretation of a fragment of a medieval piece by Hildegard von Bingen "O virga ac diadema" (Praise for the Mother)


as well as

the soundscapes
fragments of information
archaeology of sounds
the ruins
visible and clandestine
feelings and emotions
natural phenomena
my stories

“Composed by Hildegard von Bingen, a saint, mystic and medieval composer, the song is an ode to an olive branch which, free from original sin, becomes a source of life and a symbol of the mother's womb. Martyna's voice provides a vivid image when it is grafted into the context of centuries-old olive groves such as those that cover the surroundings of Squillace, restoring the sense of that god inherent in nature so dear to Bingen and that only art can embody in the human body. Archaeoacoustics, an interdisciplinary methodology used by the artist, includes archeology, ethnomusicology, acoustics and digital modelling, allowing for a concrete consonance between sounds of the past and those of the present.”

In-Ruins Art Residency


︎ https://soundcloud.com/martyna-benedyka/o-virga-ac-diadema-hildegard-von-bingen-martyna-benedyka

︎ https://medium.com/@benedyka.m.art.yna/in-memory-of-my-feelings-776ca0744a4a

Installation Views

Fragile Vessel
Silent Sticks

Italy 1044
In Memory Of My Feelings

Missing Corners
Praise For The Mother


In Blossom

The Stage

The First Of All Trees

In-ruins Art Residency, Squillace, Calabria, Italy
OPEN STUDIO, Castello di Squillace

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