The world is full of living symmetries,
hard to find, but real.
~ E. Gray

Memory is fragile and uncertain and through my painted surfaces memories are recorded and transformed. Modest in scale and subject, my paintings become fleeting moments of distorted reality. Examining ideas of existence and being, I look for the essence of a person through the essence of an object. I would like to encourage people to slow down and to see the poetry of everyday life. Through the process of cumulative observation some of my favourite motifs are endlessly copied while others, once pushed to the edge, simply vanish. The diversity of my work unites the idea of looking behind what is seen, which is my main concern.


b. 1991 in Gdynia, Poland

2014, Gray’s School of Art, Scotland, UK


Return Solo Show, Palette Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

Themersons 5, Themersons Festival, Płocka Art Gallery, Płock, Poland

Big Village, Small World, Collagistas Festival, Temple Bar Gallery+Studios, Dublin, Ireland

The Sketchbook Project, Brooklyn, NY, Chicago, IL, Atlanta, GA, Spartanburg, SC, USA+Toronto, Canada

Artoteka, Food Think Tank Art Gallery, Wrocław, Poland

The Artbox.Project Basel 1.0, Art Basel, Basel, Switzerland

Grande Biednale, Bęc Zmiana Foundation, Warsaw, Poland

Day of the Dead - Dada Centennial Exhibition, The International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction, Santa Fe, NM, USA

Apricity, Mid-Winter Exhibition, Wall Projects, Montrose, UK

Oliva in Painting, Warzywniak Art Gallery, Gdańsk, Poland

Waves, Summerhall, The Sciennes Galleries, Edinburgh, UK

A to/from B, Seventeen Gallery, Aberdeen, UK

Federation of British Artists - Futures, Mall Galleries, London, UK

Wall Projects Winter Exhibition, Montrose, UK

Artsyland 8, Wall Projects II, The Old Rope Works, Montrose, UK

Open Your Eyes, Gray's School of Art Degree Show, Aberdeen, UK

Opening Credits, Gray's School of Art Pre-Degree Show, St Margaret’s House, Edinburgh, UK

Stars in My Eyes, Schwartz Gallery, London, UK

The Seven Habits of Highly Anomalous People, Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen, UK

SPD Annual Painting Awards Exhibition, Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen, UK

Guest Artist Talks

Cultural Interchange Beyond Languages and Locations,
2015, Seventeen Gallery, Aberdeen, UK


Upcoming: Artalpha Iasi Art Residency


Robert Brough Memorial Scholarship, UK
Scholarship for Artistic Achievements, PL


Pushing Out The Boat, Scotland, 2019

Brooklyn Art Library, USA
Dada Centennial: Day of the Dead Catalog
Ontological Museum Acquisitions

Summerhall TV, 2015

A to/from B Photobook, 2015
Pushing Out The Boat, 2015
Collage Collective (The CC Presents: Ken)
Central Stn The Creative Social Network
Scottish Art Blog, 2014

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