In Search of Genius Loci (Avoided Objects)

By the sense of mystery I understand the experience of certain places and times
when one's whole nature seems to be in touch with a presence, a genius loci, a potency.

Richard Aldington

Genius Loci is Latin for spirit or protective deity. The idea of a spirit of place comes from the ancient belief that certain places are inhabited by gods or spirits. Since then, the genius loci has been a way to create a meaningful interaction between men and their surroundings.
Connected into one narrative, the project travels over what’s left from a medieval village in order to discover its story, rhythm, and a certain aesthetics.

Genius loci does not mean that the place must be unusual or exceptional. The point of it is to experience a distinctive atmosphere of where we are.

Avoided Objects I
Embroidery on Photograph

Avoided Objects II
Embroidery on Photograph

Artefact I
Embroidery on Photograph

Artefact II
Embroidery on Photograph

The Spirit
Embroidery on Photograph